Climate change poses a growing challenge to the private sector everywhere. High winds, flooding, drought, heat waves, sea level rise, variable precipitation, wildfires, and invasive pests threaten organizational continuity, property and infrastructure, value chains and local communities and livelihoods.

At the same time, climate risks represent a growing private sector opportunity. Everywhere people demand climate resilience solutions. These may help to protect property, assets and operations from climate risks, or in other cases to protect health, livelihoods or to transfer such risks.

The objective of the Proadapt conference was to discuss the challenges and opportunities of private climate resilience and share innovative approaches to climate resilience in various sectors and contexts. The conference was organized by Proadapt, a program of the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank, in partnership with the Nordic Development Fund.

The conference featured presentations by firms and private organizations in climate-smart agriculture, tourism, insurance, transportation, infrastructure, banking, sustainable and resilient cities, among other topics, and discussions included business and investment models related to climate risks, new data analytics for resilience, public private partnerships and climate risk.

Please visit the Proadapt conference agenda for an overview of panels and presenters; have a look at the many presentations, and watch the videos of the full sessions.

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